1. First Sign Up/Sign in.
  2. Click Add Funds (Your Fund Balance Is Located In The Top Right Corner (Circled With Gray) We Accept PayPal.
  3. Click On New Order
  4. Go To Category 
  5. Select Instagram (or the social media you want)
  6. Click On The Service of Your Choice.
  7. Here Is A Example of How To Read This For Those Confused.

{Instagram Followers 40K R30 instant Start - 4K/Day 6HR - 1 DAY $3.00 per }

40K <<<( The Max Amount of Followers That Can Be Sent For This Order)

R30 <<<(Refill for 30 days, This Means If The Followers Drop, You Click A Refill Button, To Refill)

4K/Day <<<(The Max Followers Sent Per Day) 

6HR - 1 DAY <<< (The Speed of When The Order Starts)

$3.00 Per <<< ( 3.00 Per 1000 Followers)